Our Favorite Resources

Below are some of our favorite products and resources to help you on your journey to understanding your genealogical history!

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DNA Testing Kits

There are a variety of DNA testing kits on the market, and they often focus on testing different things. Two that we recommend are:

  • 23andMe Health + Ancestry, which focuses on getting to know more about your health through your genetics
  • AncestryDNA + Traits, which focuses on determining your ethnicity and how your genes could influence over 35 of your traits (so cool!)

Just one of the reasons we recommend these two companies so much is because they are well known and therefore have large databases. When researching your ancestry, you need to be able to find as many matches as possible to have the most accurate results possible.

Blank Genealogy Forms and Charts

As you uncover more and more about your family tree, staying organized becomes imperative to keeping track of it all.

We highly recommend using genealogy forms to track all of the information you find. Even if it’s all stored somewhere like your Ancestry or 23andMe account, it’s best practice for you to have your own copy and not just rely on third-party platforms.

We really like this Blank Genealogy Forms Starter Kit. The same company also has large print forms which some find easier to read and work with.

Organizer for Genealogy Forms, Charts, and Documents

We also recommend keeping your genealogy forms, historical records, newspaper clippings, documents, notes, etc. all together in one place, such as a padfolio like these.

Pet DNA Tests

DNA tests are not just for humans! You can learn more about your fur babies with cat and dog DNA tests:

Vintage-Style Genealogy Wall Chart 

A genealogy chart can actually make a beautiful art piece and conversation starter! This vintage-style chart would be perfect to frame and display in a family room or dining room, for example.