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Need Research Help?

Do you really want to get started researching your family history, but it all seems overwhelming and time consuming? We understand! Although it’s an exciting process to go through yourself, it is a big commitment.

Believe it or not, there are people you can hire who will do this for you—and for a reasonable price compared to what you would pay for a subscription to research your family tree on your own.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

DNA Testing Kits

There are a variety of DNA testing kits on the market, and they often focus on testing different things. We highlight recommend AncestryDNA’s tests because they currently have the largest customer database, enabling you to have more results!

When researching your ancestry, it is crucial to find as many matches as possible to have the most accurate results possible. Their standard ethnicity test and ethnicity estimate is a great starting point.

There are also other AncestryDNA tests that offer even more information.

Genealogy Forms and Organizers

As you uncover more and more about your family tree, staying organized becomes imperative to keeping track of it all.

We highly recommend using genealogy forms to track all of the information you find. Even if it’s all stored somewhere like an Ancestry or 23andMe account, it’s best practice for you to have your own copy and not just rely on third-party platforms.

Recommended Reading

Family Tree Art

A family tree makes a beautiful art piece and conversation starter! It’s also a unique and heartfelt gift idea for other family members.