How To Find A Sibling That Was Adopted

We often share everything with our siblings from our eye color, to our noses, to the size of our ears. Some argue that we even have a sixth sense when it comes to our siblings.

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Either way, there is a natural bond between siblings that nothing else comes close to so of course it’s only natural to want to check in with your sibling and see how they are doing. 

Sometimes siblings can become separate through adoption. Adoption is when the biological parents of a child are not in the right situation to care for a child so another couple or individual takes parental responsibility over the child and agrees to care for it.

How To Find A Sibling That Was Adopted

Although adoption can be a beautiful thing it can also lead to siblings losing contact.

For instance, sometimes birth parents may put their first child up for adoption but may find that later in life they are in a better position to care for a child and therefore they may choose to have a second child which they raise themselves.

This can leave the second-born child constantly wondering about the first. Obviously, this is just one example and there are countless other ways that siblings can become separated through adoption. 

If for any reason you have found yourself looking for a sibling that was adopted we understand how much of a difficult time this can be both physically and emotionally and we hope that the below guide will help you with your search. 

Talk To Your Birth Parents

Depending on your situation talking to your birth parents may not be a possibility but if it is then this could be a great place to start.

Although knowing how to approach the conversation with your birth parents could be hard, they may have a lot of information regarding your sibling and their whereabouts.

Be prepared for the fact that this may be a sensitive topic for them so they may be defensive and not want to disclose much information to you.

If this is the case then try to stay calm but explain why you would like to know and they may start to understand when they see how much of an impact this is having on you. 

Social Media

Social media often gets a lot of negative attention in the press however, it is important to remember the good that social media can be used for. Some of the most positive stories regarding social media have centered around reuniting people.

In fact, social media is such an effective way of reuniting people that even some Police departments use it to help to locate missing people. The best thing to do on social media is to make a post explaining your situation and some brief details about your sibling.

Let social media work its magic and as it gets shared more and more it may just reach your sibling or someone that knows them. There are also specific groups on Facebook that could help with this so joining some of those and posting in them could be a great idea. 

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A Specialist Company

There are many specialist companies that serve the purpose of uniting people. Usually how these companies work is you contact them and give them any information that you may have to help them to track down your sibling.

Their search teams then use all sorts of research methods to try and locate your sibling, if they are successful they will reach out to them and let them know that you are interested in having contact and see if they feel the same.

If your sibling says that they would like to have contact with you then the company will arrange an exchange of details, however, if your sibling says no then they can not give you their details but at least you would know and have some sort of closure.

It is also important to remember that these companies do usually charge you to use their services so make sure that you look into their pricing before committing to anything.

Similarly, it is important that you avoid falling victim to a scam. A good way of doing this is by looking for reviews of each company that you use. 

Contact Others

This may sound obvious but one of the best things to do but could be to reach out to others who may have details regarding your sibling. This could include other relatives such as your grandparents or aunts and uncles.

Depending on the age that your sibling was when they were adopted other local people may know them such as local shopkeepers or community figures such as priests. 

Search Engines

Having a quick search online can tell you pretty much anything today. Even when it comes to locating lost loved ones the internet can be a great help. If you know your sibling’s name then having a quick Google can do no harm.

Google could bring up results such as links to their social media pages, where they work or any charities that they are a part of. Finding information like this could be the missing piece of the jigsaw and could provide you with just another information to reach out to them.

For instance, if a link to their workplace is brought up then you could use this to contact their workplace who could hopefully put you in touch with them. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a sibling that you lost contact with due to adoption can be a very daunting time and can evoke lots of different emotions. It is important that before taking any steps toward finding them that you are sure that you are ready.

If you decide that this is what you want to do then hopefully our steps above can help you enormously. Obviously, the above list is not exhaustive and there are countless other ways that you could start to try and find your sibling.

However, the above provides a great starting point and for the best chance of finding them, you should try to use as many of the suggestions as possible. 

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